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Growth Hacking Your Way To Being A Growth Hacker

Some months ago, I discovered growth hacking & set out an a journey to become a Growth Hacker. There’s no set path to follow or textbook to read. But when I first got started, I kept looking for that 1 book, 1 course or 1 blog that would hold all the silver bullets to success.

I failed to find such a resource. What I found instead were lead bullets.

  • 8 strategies for launching a successful blog in 2015
  • 10 emails to boost customer acquisition at your startup
  • The scientific guide to Pinterest marketing

This information was pretty useless as I did not understand where it fit into the bigger picture yet. Finally, after taking several courses and reading a post-by-post account of various industry leaders’ blogs, a vague understanding of the bigger picture began to form & I had an epiphany.

I needed to apply the principles of a start-up to myself. I was launching a new product — me. I need to go through iterative processes and my sole focus would be attaining product-market fit as a growth hacker.

I decided to craft a formula :

Comprehensive Knowledge + Rock-Solid Process + History of Success + Hunger= Fucking Awesome Growth Hacker.


Step 1 : Gain Comprehensive Knowledge

I’m trying to do this by collecting as many learnings as possible in a variety of ways.


- I’m attempting to cut through the clutter to hand-pick resources that offer great learnings. I look for industry leaders — videos, blogs, slideshares etc. Now that I’ve begun to get the big picture, a lot of this information is pretty useful and serve as ideas for growth sprint experiments.

- I joined a growth hacking consultant and shadowed him for a month, working on one of his projects with him
- I advised two pre-launch start-ups regarding crafting their strategic growth plan based on my theoretical knowledge
- I implemented learnings at my growth role at my current start-up

Naturally this component of the formula is perpetually in motion. One should never stop learning.


Step 2: Figure out the Scientific Process

This took a lot of research and teamwork as I pulled in a colleague to work with me on this.

Eventually we found industry leader-endorsed processes and tweaked them to suit our needs better. I currently have a growth hacking process in place for my current start-up and continuously tweak & optimise it.


Step 3: Success

WIP & Next Up. Open to exploring opportunities. Hit me up @Rohit Mulani


Step 4: Stay hungry.



This week, as I penned down skills acquired, tools discovered & learnings gleaned, I was pleasantly surprised with the progress my learning hack has made.

All the studying & qualifications over the past months reflect nicely on paper & I feel like an even broader picture of growth hacking is coming into focus. My knowledge has increased exponentially over time.

However, this is only the first iteration of the Build-Measure-Learn philosophy. After going through it, I feel like I’m on the right path & I’m going to double down on my efforts and strive to go through the next loops progressively faster till I achieve product-market fit.


By Rohit Mulani

Reach me at or Twitter: @RohitMulani

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